Ebook: APIs, key in the development of cloud apps

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Modern developer teams are demanding one essential process: they need to synchronize their system infrastructures with the features of different service providers in the cloud. APIs make this integration possible, where interoperability is key. If you want to find out, you can download this ebook.

One of the great recent revolutions in technology is data management in the cloud. Not only for large volumes of information, what we know as Big Data, but also in relation to platforms or services for end users, such as a customer or a company’s employee. The result of this effort is embodied in hundreds of tools and features for managing information in the cloud: from office automation like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive to storage of personal images and videos through applications.

The greatest challenge for companies and developers is integrating their own system infrastructure with these cloud-based platforms or services, often with third-party providers, and improving the entire experience deriving from that strategic move. APIs are the real key in all this process. We have already mentioned two giants in the sector: Google and Microsoft. But there are many others, such as Amazon or Salesforce.

APIs, key in the development of cloud apps