Ebook: 101: Introduction to the world of APIs

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In this ebook you will find everything you need to know about APIs. The features that make them essential, the kind of available APIs, the REST API systems and the tools needed for their development.

APIs are not a new concept, but their universalization is. Many companies are committed to them because they enable them to expand and diversify their creation channels and their revenue and save costs. The main strength of APIs is that they facilitate the relationship between two applications for exchanging messages or data.

APIs are already improving the business models of many companies, and many sectors are committed to them. For example, financial institutions expect that they will help them in their transformation processes and in boosting their microservices. 

If you want to learn more about BBVA's open platform and financial APIs, go to this site. 

Ebook: 101: Introducción al mundo de las APIs