RE•WORK AI in Finance Summit

World-class speakers at RE•WORK’s AI in Finance Summit in New York will share insights on cutting-edge technical advancements and real-life applications of AI including financial forecasting, fraud detection & stock market prediction.

05 06 September 2019
The Convene

New York / USA

The summit will explore the most recent impacts of AI in financial sectors including retail banking, hedge funds, insurance and international economic development.

The AI in Finance Summit is a unique opportunity to meet and hear from leading innovators, bringing together influential technologists, senior data scientists, founders and academics altering the fintech and traditional finance landscape with AI.

The agenda includes a plethora of short and impactful presentations, deep-dive workshops and panel discussions as well as 12+ hours of networking to maximise the opportunity for meaningful connections to be made and knowledge shared at the summit.

If you still do not know whether to attend, do not miss the video summary of the 2018 edition:


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