Open Banking World Congress 2019

350+ senior finance innovators will meet in London at the Open Banking World Congress 2019, on 7-8 May, to make known the most promising open banking proposarls, like those of BBVA, and set the future of the financial sector.


07 08 May 2019
133 Houndsditch

London / UK

How is commercialisation beginning to occur and what propositions show promise? How will Open Banking improve financial inclusión? What do we already know about consumer behaviour?

Open Banking World Congress 2019, will be an essential meeting to answer these and other necessary questions that will help you to capitalize on the promise of Open Banking, and avoid the risks.

Among the proposals of reference, Carlos López-Moctezuma, Head of Open Banking at BBVA, will share the bank's pioneering experience, in an essential 'speech', on May 7 at 1:35 p.m.

In particular, he will talk about the lessons they’ve learnt since the launch of its open banking initiatives in 2017, how this is being received around the world and how is it benefiting their own consumer propositions.

In addition, the next day at 12:00 a.m. the expert will take part in one of the keynote panels, Where will banks be in 5, 10 years time? With AISP/PISPs providing open data, how will roles evolve?, wich will be shared with other industry specialists such as HSBC’s Uttiyo Dasgupta or Starling Bank’s Helen Bierton. Do not miss it!


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