APIs for Consumer Applications

APIdays returns to approach the APIs for Consumer Applications. This time it will arrive between September 12 and 13 in Barcelona.

12 13 September 2019
AXA Auditorium and Convention Center

Barcelona / Spain

FinTech Banks, Transportations Companies, Booking firms, Food delivery services and even the Beauty sector are offering services for millions of people through APIs. In this event, some interesting challenges related to APIs for consumers will be analyzed, in terms of scaling, monitoring and changes deployment.

This event is not only for those already in the API and platform game. This event is for companies that are growing and starting to see the challenges of offering services to a giant number of clients at the same time and want to share information, getting inspiration from other companies, competitors and across industries, as well as experts.

APIdays is one of the leading industry tech and business series of conferences in APIs and the programmable economy. It arises when traditional industries are finally starting to catch up with digital transformation, partly because of the level legal requirements for industries to open APIs, even for their competitors and disruptors. On the other hand, there's an entire group of companies that have embraced the digital transformation since the beginning and riding high on it.

It arrives to Barcelona with 20,000+ attendees in its previous editions, in 11 countries, in which it has celebrated more than 40 events. Among the speakers that will address different topics related to the world of APIs and consumption, there are specialists such as Mark Boyd, recently interviewed by BBVA API_Market.


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