APIS 360: how to define an API, we started with the first

In this Meetup of the series APIS 360 you will learn to define your first API using Open API and to expose it in an API Manager.

23 May 2019
BBVA Open Space / Plaza de Santa Bárbara, 2

Madrid / España

API Addicts, the community of lovers of APIs, presents the second Meetup of the APIS 360 series: 'How to define an API, let's start with the first'.

At the meeting, the expert David Marín del Pino, backend developer, will explain:

- The main topics of Restfull.

- The special parameters to be taken into account in the definitions.

- Everything you need to know for the definition with OpenAPI.

- Several interesting tools to use with OpenAPI.

In addition, at the end of the meeting you can make contacts and share your impressions and experiences with other colleagues in the sector.

Sign up for the Meetup and continue participating in the APIs 360 series to become a true specialist:

1. Government of APIs, the beginnings.

2. How to define an API, we started with the first.

3. Security in the APIs.

4. APIs as a business model.

5. Testing APIs.

6. API Manager.


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