Six platforms for learning how to program

Six platforms for learning how to program

Understanding the how programming languages work, knowing how APIs function and developing applications for iOS or Android is within your reach with these platforms.

31 Jan. 2020

Thanks to the democratization of the Internet, learning how to program is accessible to anyone interested. Today it is possible to start the learning process through tools that teach you to program in a much more user-friendly and interactive way than using a traditional book.

Programming is more in fashion than ever, and in fact the profile of programmer is among the most sought-after in the labor market. Learning how to program as early as possible will improve your resume and open the door to many possibilities. Here we have selected some of the best platforms for learning how to program:

1. Aprendo a programar: a Spanish platform designed for children to learn while they have fun. The learning is carried out step by step through dynamic videos in Spanish. It is a visual program by which children can create their own interactive stories by combining blocks.

2. Codecademy: an interactive online platform  that offers free guided courses in coding in a variety of programming languages such as Python, PHP, JavaScript and Ruby. It also provides training in markup languages, including HTML and CSS, and in the use of APIs.

3. Codeplace: a platform that offers various types of courses with functionalities that are not included by most websites of this type. Among the most interesting is the use of colors to show progress visually in real time, and the reflection of how changes in the code affect the front end.

4. Pluralsight: organizes its courses around a variety of categories, such as Ruby, Python, databases and iOS. Learning is through videos and tutors who advise users during the learning process. 

5. Mimo: this is an app for learning how to program via cell phone. Users can extend their knowledge quickly through interactive resources and one-minute lessons. Mimo offers a variety of courses, including Python, Ruby and SQL, and also some in Java geared to programming for Android.

6. Programmr: one of the most complete free webs for learning how to program. It includes a catalog with numerous examples and exercises for putting into practice what you have been learning.

No one can become a developer overnight using these resources, but they can help you understand better how each of the programming languages work.

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