Resources for programmers

Resources for programmers

The profile of programmer is one of the most sought after on the labor market, and fortunately, the democratization of the Internet has vastly improved the options for learning how to program easily and interactively. This article brings you a selection of platforms suitable for different levels to teach you how programming languages work, how to understand the mechanism behind an API and how to develop apps for iOS or Android.

30 Aug. 2018

We'll start with seven simple and intuitive platforms that show you how to program at different levels and in different languages.

And on the subject of languages, Groovy is one that you have to know if you develop in Java because it's the perfect complement.

Once you begin to program, you'll find it useful to be familiar with some software development project management tools like the Kanban method.

The star of the development market in recent years is a magic key that opens almost every door: APIs. This is why you also need to have a knowledge of these tools that will enable you to design, develop, test and document APIs.

And on the subject of mobile devices, it's essential to know how to program in Android, and these are the APIs and libraries you need to know. These others will enable you to program in iOS, which is just as important for any mobile developer. You'll also find it very useful to know about five of the best tools for creating mobile apps.

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