PayStats helps assess the impact of the low-emission area Madrid Central

PayStats helps assess the impact of the low-emission area Madrid Central

How do town-planning decisions affect a city's routines? How can data help assess and make decisions? The granularity and detailed information offered by PayStats allowed Madrid's city council to draw a more accurate map of consumer behavior and gain an objective measurement of the impact of the traffic restriction measures on commercial activity.

01 Mar. 2019

In this case, 20 million aggregate and anonymized transactions with BBVA cards and any other card at BBVA POS terminals were analyzed to study the effect of the changes made by Madrid's city council to road access to the city center.

The BBVA PayStats API is targeted at all kinds of organizations including the public sector, as in this case. Madrid's city council used it to find out how restricting car access to Madrid Central impacted Christmas shopping. From information gathered between December 1 2018 and January 7 2019, a comparison was made between data from the last two Christmases as well as the increased revenue in Madrid Central (Gran Vía and five subareas) vs. the increase in the entire city.

According to the report drawn up by council experts, 5.984 billion euros were spent across the city. The sample shows a 3.3% increase in spending in Madrid when compared to the same time the previous year; this goes up to 9.5% in Gran Vía and reaches 8.6% in the central area.

Special mention should be made of Callao, the heart of Gran Vía where the area's largest department stores can be found and where 56.6% of the spending was registered, an increase above average: around 10.3%.

The Madrid Central area registered 15.9% of total spending in the city during Christmas, led by sales in fashion, footwear and accessories and catering. The PayStats API offers a breakdown of spending into up to 17 categories which make it possible to see how sales in each sector have progressed and to compare the activity in different areas of the city.

About PayStats

PayStats is the BBVA API_Market API with the best transactional information in the market; it helps you improve your business decision-making and your knowledge of your clients. It offers aggregated and anonymous statistics of millions of transactions made with BBVA cards and any other cards at BBVA POS terminals to create a virtual map that allows us to analyze consumer habits. Find out more about PayStats and start using it here.

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