Past, present and future of Big Data

Past, present and future of Big Data

The world is flooded with data at a pace which increases by 40% every year. These are some prior steps, forecasts and trends for Big Data until the year 2027.


10 Sep. 2019



  • Around 16% of the digital transformation initiatives carried out in the company referred to Big Data.


  • Half of the users interacted with the cognitive computing services.
  • In the U.S. alone, there were 180,000 roles of in-depth analysts and five times more analysts in data management and interpretation.


  • It is estimated that the connected population will reach 57%.
  • In terms of market data, 100% of the companies will buy external data. Companies will monetize their data through sale or added value.


  • There will be an annual growth of 8.3% to $44bn.
  • IDC estimates that 45% of corporations will have to find new ways of business through digital initiatives, since current forms do not offer enough potential for profit.


  • Machines will process all the information and will offer products to the right person, at the right time and in the right place.


  • 50% of smart cities will be in Europe and North America.


  • Over 26 cities will be smart.


  • Big Data will create a large number of new jobs in the next decade. It is estimated that around 900,000 highly-qualified jobs will be created in the next six years.

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