Notifications: the BBVA API to know when your customers need you

The potential of the BBVA Notifications API is very broad, since, among other things, its services can be applied to any target: large clients, retail or small businesses. Antonia Aladrén, Scrum Master at BBVA API Market, explains all the features and possibilities of this API in the following video.

04 Feb. 2017

The value of notifications grows every day in all industries. Users demand real-time information, they want to take advantage of the here and now, and receive customized offers. In this context, using Notifications and knowing the real-time movements of your customers and offering them possibilities for their next movements, can be key to driving and growing your business.

The operation of Notifications is simple: “It allows third party applications to subscribe to events from the BBVA users' banking operations", explains Antonia Aladrén, Scrum Master at BBVA API Market. "For this purpose, BBVA users have had to give authorization to these third-party applications to receive these events, and these authorizations are given via an OAuth 2.0 protocol", she adds.

Furthermore, the catalog of BBVA notifications events is very broad and can be applied to card operations, account operations, or to purchasing products. "These notifications are given in real-time, and that's why we believe that applications of great value can be developed for our customers", says Aladrén.

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