If you're an entrepreneur, these are some of the APIs you should know about

Must-know APIs for entrepreneurs

If you're thinking about launching a startup, you may have seen in the vast amount of data around us the perfect opportunity for grounding your business. Various companies have aggregate data APIs available and ready to be incorporated into the development of your systems or apps. We list in this article several repositories.

24 Mar. 2020

Using aggregate data systems has multiple advantages: from reducing processing costs without losing any analytical capacity, to analyzing the differences between the aggregated data and individual entries, or identifying trends and global patterns.

We list in this article several repositories in various categories, including some financial and social platforms you can work with.

1. Kontomatik

With their consent, the Kontomatik API receives information from users' bank accounts, which can then be used for multiple scenarios: aggregating information, obtaining context on the customers’ situation and validating risk levels, among others. The data – not including passwords – collected through the API is stored in the Kontomatik servers for 24 hours before being eliminated, which guarantees that it can be reused much more quickly.

The Kontomatic system supports hardware tokens, SMS codes, single use codes, captcha systems and other subsequent authentication methods. You need to implement a two-factor authentication system to access the API.

2. iHealth

The iHealth open API offers developers and advanced users a platform to connect and aggregate the data collected by the company's products, such as weighing scales, blood pressure gauges and other healthcare devices.

Accumulating all this data and crossing it with information obtained from other tools enables users to see historic movements and find patterns or relationships between different foods and changes in the health of a demographic. 

3. FlightStats

Data on commercial flights is an attractive source of information which is of great interest to a wide variety of companies. This set of statistics contains numerous “gold nuggets” to help your business, from marketing through to expanding to new stores or offices.

The Flightstats API offers a simple and powerful combination of methods that allow you to track planes, routes or entire fleets. You can see the level of use of specific airports and even specific countries, and identify travelers' trends and destinations, which can be leveraged to take future decisions in moderately large companies.

4. Xignite

Xignite offers quick and simple access to financial data from world stock exchanges and markets: bonds, equities, currency exchange, options, futures and all types of shares.

Using the various Xignite APIs, any developer can have access to aggregated financial data. Combined with the data on individual transactions, the capabilities of the available financial tools can be increased almost infinitely.

5. BBVA PayStats

BBVA also offers developers an aggregate data API designed for financial tools called PayStats. It maintains, aggregates and anonymizes statistical data on millions of payment transactions made with BBVA cards, and highlights extremely useful trends and patterns for your business.

With BBVA’s PayStats, you can consult or analyze data on millions of payments segmented by geographic area or zip code, gender, age, categories of business where they were made, and of course by date or transaction value.

BBVA PayStats offers several methods to access these data, including:

-       /basic_stats: this offers data on the businesses in a particular area. Useful for seeing at a glance all the transactions and the financial level of a zip code or neighborhood.

-       /age_distribution: provides consumption statistics separated by the age of the customers making the payments. Useful for seeing this particular demographic information for an area.

-       customer_zipcodes: returns the 100 zip codes where the customers live, ordered by a specific transaction type. Useful for deciding where to locate a possible business.

These are only three of the dozens of methods available in BBVA PayStats, one of the most useful aggregated data financial APIs on the market.

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