Infographic: Top APIs 2016

2016 seems to have been a great year for APIs, as reflected by ProgrammableWeb, one of the best known international directories. The site that provides news and information about the world of the API economy has compiled last year’s most interesting ones, divided by categories.

The APIs included in the following graphics are those that ProgrammableWeb has selected as the most interesting in 2016. Their interest has been measured by combining their web traffic, their dissemination in social networks (for example, clicks and retweets in Twitter), their pertainance to the most important categories in ProgrammableWeb, and also the statistics analyzed by the directory's API researchers.

More than 100 APIs in total are included in the list, so they have decided to split them into nine categories:

  • Finance and banking
  • Business and productivity
  • Application development and development tools
  • Big data and data analysis
  • Entertainment, lifestyle and education
  • Health and the environment
  • Mapping and location
  • Cognitive computing
  • Security and privacy

In the following infographic, we have represented them all divided in the same categories. Each one is represented by an imaginary API subway line, and each stop is one of the most important APIs of 2016.

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Source: ProgrammableWeb

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