Customers, the API from BBVA that helps your business authenticate customers

Discover the BBVA API that helps you authenticate customers

This is one of BBVA's open platform APIs that helps businesses streamline their development processes and improve the user experience for their end customers. In this interview, Ángel Salamanca, Product Owner of Open APIs of BBVA, describes the details of this API

05 Dec. 2016

Customers API offers third parties information on the customer profile, provided the customer authorizes the third-party app to access their data. The aim is to help improve the user experience in these apps and make it “lighter and simpler”, explains Ángel Salamanca, Product Owner of Open APIs of BBVA.

These apps must also provide added value for the end customer by allowing the customer to authorize and access this third-party app, thus making the user experience much lighter and easier.

This open API from BBVA is primarily intended for B2C companies (Business to Customer), because these are the ones who have contact with the end customer. “What Identity gives them is customer authentication. In the end these are data that we have validated at BBVA, and the company has the certainty that there is a real customer behind them”, says Salamanca.

He believes that this confirmed certification of the user is one of the core values provided by this API, as “it's something you don't get with other APIs on the market such as Facebook Connect”.

Salamanca stresses that the service offered by this API “is good for all companies who wish to improve both their user management or who want to delegate in our API”.

It's also useful for other types of companies looking to improve their development and business processes “by obtaining data such as date of birth that may be important for certain services that require the customer to be over 18, or to confirm a mailing address for sending a product, for example. With the Identity API this is relatively simple to validate”.

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