Diego Blanco: "BBVA’s APIs are helping companies that have good ideas to develop them"

Diego Blanco: "BBVA APIs are helping companies that have good ideas to develop them"

Diego Blanco, Head of PaaS & Open Platform APIs CTO at BBVA Compass, explains the importance of a catalog of APIs for a bank as BBVA. At the same time he presents some of its potential and values.

25 Oct. 2016

Diego Blanco is Head of PaaS & Open APIs Platform CTO at BBVA Compass. He thinks that BBVA and the APIs within it are in a very interesting and healthy situation in different markets. In fact, the first big two markets in which BBVA are operating now with a lot of power are the US and Spain.

Blanco states that BBVA needs APIs to be able to ensure that all the different channels are going to consume their capabilities in the same way. “The best way to do that is by using APIs and by making everybody that wants to get an account, do that in the same way. This allows us to improve or reduce the time to market, improve the maintainability, reduce the noise about having different ways to do the same stuff with the same result”, Blanco explains.

One way to expand business and attract enterprises

The CTO at BBVA Compass says that they can also liberate their capabilities -not only in one country, but globally-: “BBVA is a global bank, and having APIs that are being used for all these different countries and companies is definitely a great asset for us”.

On the other hand, he acknowledges that it is because of the knowledge they have, that they own so many APIs and capabilities. “We can start using that for third-party companies. I’m a third-party company, I’m trying to find some bank that can help me with my financial needs, with a set of APIs that are going to cover things that I would have to build otherwise. I would need to comply with legal, regulatory issues and all that. So, having a bank that has APIs for internal and external use, they are using the same knowledge, the same capabilities to make things better”.

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