Crea tus apps con ayuda de ‘machine learning’ en la nube

Create your apps with the help of cloud machine learning

Google has presented its cloud machine learning tool to help developers create applications faster and more easily. 

08 Apr. 2016

The machine learning solution from Google offers learning services with pre-trained models as well as the option of generating your own tailor-made models. A neural net-based platform, it performs better and more accurately than other learning systems on the market.

The technology is currently available for developers in limited preview phase.

The cloud machine learning tool can be used with some of the technologies that Google employs in its services, such as voice searches and translations in Gmail, therefore speeding up the development process.

Its main advantages include greater speed, scalability and usability for all the applications featured in these services.

This means that developers will be able to create automatic learning models based on data obtained from other services in the Google cloud platform.

The technology can be used to make product recommendations, a very useful option for those who run an e-commerce business; for example, with this machine learning tool they will be able to offer recommendations to customers and therefore generate more revenues.

Click on this link to try the Google cloud machine learning tool for free. And click here to train with the models offered by Google and find the one that best meets your needs.

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