Case Study: How Topshop used Pinterest APIs in a groundbreaking campaign

The potential of APIs conquests new markets and sectors every day. Fashion has also surrendered to its charms and has used them successfully to go one step further, as British company Topshop demonstrated using Pinterest APIs during 2016.

05 Jan. 2017

Topshop wanted to develop a campaign so that all color trends of the London, New York and Paris fashion weeks were accessible to consumers in an original and unique way. Consequently, during London Fashion Week SS16, it opted to use the Pinterest API to offer new services and reach more customers.

By using this API, the clothing store managed to help people discover their personal color palettes and provided them with clothing recommendations. It was also used as a strategy to feature in the most prominent press while recording an increase of 260% in its Pinterest impressions.

A specialized application

By using the Pinterest API, the chain has become the first retailer to use it to launch an app. Topshop developers used it to build Pinterest Palettes, an interactive discovery tool that uses a person's boards and their Pins to discover their personal color palette.

The machinery was then completed with the creation of a number of shopping suggestions that recommended products from its catalog based on the colors of each Pinterest Palette. Topshop completed the Fashion Week campaign updating its profile in this social network with new content, leading to more hits on its website.

As a result of the creation of the Pinterest Palettes app and its campaign associated with Fashion Week, Pins created from the Topshop website increased by 17% and impressions did no less than 260%. Commitments with Pinterest also rose by 262%.

A 360 degree job

To help publicize the campaign, Topshop also placed touch screens and iPads in each store to allow customers to discover, create and print their Pinterest color palettes while they shopped. It even organized its space by colors to make it easier for customers to find the products in their Pinterest color palette.

Using the Pinterest API and an innovative strategy allowed the audience to interact with the brand in a unique way and in 360 degrees. Pinterest Palettes generated 55 press articles in major media, fashion and technology publications. Of course, it also featured in hundreds of publications in different social networking channels.

Source: Pinterest

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Was the rise of Topshop in its impressions of Pinterest when using its APIs

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