Case Study Data Validation's API – better user experience


Case Study Data Validation's API – better user experience

This is a tool that verifies emails and manages, automates and validates their data. Data Validation (a SME) decided to create an API that expanded its services and improved user experience.


24 Apr. 2018

Data Validation used to send around 247 billion emails a day, i.e. it was as if each person received 38 emails per day. Using this platform, marketing teams can validate email addresses quickly and easily. This is a solution targeted at email service providers.

The sender's reputation is protected since invalid email accounts and spam are identified. The API also checks the capacity for delivering an email, loads lists of email addresses and identifies email addresses that are not valid. MailChimp is one of Data Validation's partners.

With the aim of improving user experience and expanding its services, Data Validation decided to implement an API. Also, this technology fulfilled the need for metric integration and usage limits.

Firstly, they created test accounts on several API management platforms. At this stage, they used various fictional APIs to check which of the platforms fulfilled their specific requirements.

They tested four tools and rejected two since they were too expensive and Data Validation did not want to make such as huge initial investment without being able to test the service.

Data Validation kept searching until it found 3Scale, an API administration platform that offers scalable and flexible solutions for packaging, distributing, controlling and obtaining benefits through the APIs.

At little cost, they were able to expand and improve their offerings to email service providers while their team focused on improving the product's functionality.

In short, the API played a vital role in achieving good resource management at a key moment in Data Validation's corporate strategy.

Results and benefits of using the API


  • Provides new aggregation criteria without disturbing the users
  • Improves the platform's recording/logging and use
  • Partners can use Data Validation's API by batches to automate and streamline how their users perform validation


  • Support for multiple applications in each account or user
  • Collection, measurement, billing and package scalability
  • Administration of an API with countless metrics and validation criteria

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