BBVA API_Market presents its best practice in ECS containers at the AWS Summit

BBVA API_Market participates in the Amazon Web Services Summit in Madrid (AWS Summit) today, May 17, to detail the implementation of Amazon AWS's ECS (Elastic Container Service), compatible with Docker technology, in API_Market Products and Microservices and in ECS: Managed Service.  

16 May. 2018

It does so through two of its leading professionals in the field of DevOps: Francisco Froufe and Darío Fernández, members of the BBVA API_Market platform team.

Both participate in the talk 'Containers: Usage and Scalability given by David Sanz, Solutions Architect at AWS. Docker container technology based on a software platform that enables rapid application creation, testing and deployment. Docker packages software in standardized units called containers that include everything needed for the software to run.

Álvaro Barbero, Chief Data Scientist at the Knowledge Engineering Institute (IIC), explained to BBVA API_Market that Docker "is changing the way software development is being done". According to Barbero, the only Spanish finalist in the Big Data World Championship (TEXATA), software development with this technology is becoming extremely agile, since "it reduces the time required to deploy applications and in terms of maintenance issues. Now it takes us closer to the paradigm of making large apps based on much smaller pieces that communicate with each other." 

BBVA API_Market presents its best practices with ECS containers in a docker environment in the track 'Creating Solutions in AWS', one of the seven different sessions in which more than 35 sessions are included, covering subjects such as artificial intelligence, IoT, Big Data, Serverless and DevOps, among others. Without a doubt, an ideal event to learn first hand the best practices in the uses and deployments of these technologies.

In addition to those already mentioned, there are other speakers to be heard, such as Werner Vogels, CTO, and Miguel Alava, Director, Amazon Web Services. The AWS agenda includes all the details of an event that's being held at the North Convention Center and IFEMA Hall 10.

May 17

The AWS Summit is a free event designed to bring together the Cloud Computing community in Spain to collaborate and learn about AWS.