BBVA  Accounts: obtén un listado de cuentas con datos validados y seguros

BBVA Accounts: get a list of accounts with validated and secure data

Pablo Narro, SCRUM Master at BBVA, explains how this BBVA API works. It’s one of the retail toolsthat BBVA has opened up to third parties so their customers can enjoy new services with greater added value.

02 Dec. 2016

If you need an API that offers data from the list of accounts for a customer, BBVA Accounts is what you’re looking for. Pablo Narro, SCRUM Master at BBVA, explains how a third-party application can access in a matter of seconds the information on customer accounts -with prior authorization-, a list, the balance and details of transactions.  "The Accounts API basically returns a list of customer accounts and certain details of each account", said Narro.

Apps that aggregate different bank accounts, scoring applications or even services that offer advertising and customized marketing are only three of the sectors that can more easily benefit from the knowledge provided by this API.

The first thing it offers is basic information on the account and, once the service is invoked, you can obtain more specific details of the account: from the type of currency to the nomination formats or the list of transactions… In addition, you can cross-reference data using different quantity or date filters, for example.

"I would like to emphasize here that the Accounts API has a special power if we merge it with the notification API. In this way, we provide to the application or the consumer business, which is not invoking the service continually waiting for a new transaction or a new detail, but we simply have to wait for the notification that we send them when an event is generated and therefore, when invoking the Accounts API it already sees the reflected changes", said

If you want to learn more about BBVA’s open platform and financial APIs, go to this site.


Accounts allows pre-authorized users to access key account data for enhanced financial management services.