Are you an online retailer? Don't miss out on the tips of four major e-commerce names

Nimble Payments, Mailify España, Prestashop and Dropalia meet in Barcelona and help you launch your online store.

08 Nov. 2016

Do you want your first sale to be a huge success? On November 18 in Barcelona, four experts in e-commerce will share the keys to success during, an event about e-commerce that will help you set up a successful online business. If you are an online retailer, have any questions or wish to find out more about this subject, increase your sales or the visibility of your online store, this event explains the steps and gives you tips on how to achieve sales success online.

In addition to Mailify España, Prestashop and Dropalia, Nimble Payments will be the other speaker at the conference. Nimble Payments is the integrated payments and financial solutions tool for e-commerce offered by BBVA. It allows you to register online in 5 minutes, at no cost and with no commitment to remain a customer.

Nimble Payments is a service for retailers, digital entrepreneurs, the self-employed and companies with online businesses. And it is more than a payment gateway or a secure virtual POS. If you so wish, it offers very advantageous conditions for businesses and access to business data. From the control panel, users can monitor sales and manage all their operations. From the web application, they can check the status of their sales, complete returns, cash out, perform accounting operations, etc.

For developers, Nimble Payments offers APIs and SDKs, clear documentation and plugins for testing and deploying features on the leading e-commerce platforms in the world. Developers can give it a try in the Nimble Payments test environment in sandbox mode.

Are you interested in financial APIs? Discover all the APIs we can offer you at BBVA


Nov 18

In just two hours you will learn from four great partners tips for growing in e-commerce.

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