Sign up for the latest #FintechU, on October 17 in San Francisco

Sign up for the latest #FintechU, on October 17 in San Francisco

We would like to invite you to the new edition of Fintech University next October 17 in San Francisco, in Bently Reserve. After the great success of the first edition in Madrid, you cannot miss this event if you are interested in the fintech ecosystem. Experts in the sector will share with the attendees the latest trends on subjects such as blockchain, payments, digital processing, and more.

Tips for designing an app's onboarding

Tips for designing an app's onboarding

Onboarding is the lesser evil of app development: all professionals engaged in mobile products understand that in an ideal world, the value of apps should be understood intuitively, but sometimes that's not possible. 

Los mejores lenguajes de programación para cada tarea

The best programming languages for each task

There are many programming languages and each is designed for a specific task. With CSS a website's appearance is changed while with Perl files and processes can be manipulated. Discover which language best suits your project.

How to develop a chatbot for Facebook Messenger with Chatfuel

One of the most-used, easy-to-create conversational chatbot platforms on the market is Chatfuel; a service launched in 2015 by Russian developers Dmitry Dumik and Artem Ptashnik. For now chatbots for Facebook Messenger and Telegram.

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Certified Scrum Developer Course

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Ennomotive Hackathon for Industry 4.0

Held in Madrid, this hackathon is looking for innovation in three categories: 3D printing,...

Madrid, Spain #HackIndustry40
Fintech University San Francisco

Fintech University crosses over the Atlantic Ocean to land in San Francisco and host an even...

San Francisco, CA 94111, United States
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Fintech Are you not yet a part of the fintech revolution?

If you were unable to attend the Fintech U Campus, held on late June this year, or you just want to relive that day in all of its intensity, BBVA Open4U has created a space for you with all the information. In it you will be able to find interviews with the main experts involved in the event, panel recaps and all of the day’s conferences. Be proactive and catch up.

¿Te perdiste Fintech U? Encuentra lo más importante de la jornada.
New features in Tableau 10, the data visualization tool

New features in Tableau 10, the data visualization tool

Tableau, the great data visualization tool, has some new advantages in its latest version, Tableau 10, such as the responsive adaptation of its displays for Android devices, changes in the JavaScript REST API and version control.

La tecnología en los Juegos Paralímpicos Río 2016

Technology at the Rio Paralympics 2016

Technology advances will be a part of the Rio Paralympics 2016 from September 7 through to September 18. We describe three highlights. 

API a prueba de bombas

A bombproof API: how to prevent your API from becoming a victim of its own success

Determining the limitations of the infrastructure and bringing the API code to the last stage of refinement may be essential actions for a tool not to be knocked down by attacks or by its own popularity. 

Las empresas apuestan por la virtualización

Companies turn to virtualization

SDDC guarantees security, whilst helping deliver excellent results. This is leading increasing numbers of regulated companies to use SDDC, as they turn to business virtualization.

Agile and Scrum project management: A selection of useful platforms


Jira Software, Basecamp 3, Trello and Assembla are four of the best-known project management tools on the market. With them, the members of a DevOps team can make lists of tasks, attach files, make comments and program alerts. 

Yes, the cloud can also fail

Storing our data in the cloud creates confidence, because we think that it is the safest way to keep it. But it has been proven that, even though it usually does not happen, the cloud fails, resulting in the loss of our data, forever. 

De la Chica: "Banks open their APIs to developers"

José Manuel de la Chica, New Business Digital at BBVA, highlights the value of the APIs in the digital transformation of banks and traditional businesses. The bank take part to open its APIs to third parties to create value and open new business opportunities.

BBVA API Market, trusted platform for financial innovation

“Sometimes you have to be the change that you want to see in the world.” Shamir Karkal, head of Open APIs at BBVA, highlights the revolution that is occurring today in the financial and technology sector. In this video, Karkal notes that BBVA is driving from Open Platform, the innovation in the financial ecosystem to contribute to this revolution.

Ebook: union of bitcoin and APIs

Ebook: union of bitcoin and APIs

Bitcoin and APIs are acquiring becomes increasingly important consideration in financial sector. Find out in this ebook what is blockchain and the importance of bitcoins, among many other things...

Ebook: 101: Introducción al mundo de las APIs

Ebook: 101: Introduction to the world of APIs

In this ebook you will find everything you need to know about APIs. The features that make them essential, the kind of available APIs, the REST API systems and the tools needed for their...

Ebook: Fintech revolution

Ebook: Fintech revolution

APIs, blockchain, regulation, digital transformation... are just a few of the challenges of the financial sector. In this ebook, you will find a recap with the conclusions reached around these...


Ebook: APIs & Internet of Things

In the big business of the Internet of Things, API technology is increasingly playing an essential role in the collection, analysis, visualization and manipulation of data. Find out in this ebook...

Discover BBVA APIs

  • Paystats
    BBVA Paystats offers data from millions of transactions to create a virtual map that comprises consumers' habits, origins and demographics based on information updated on a weekly basis.
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  • Identity
    Identity services offer developers access to user-permissioned profile info. This way you can know more about your customers without the need of endless low conversion forms.
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  • Accounts
    BBVA Account API offers an easy-to-use RESTful JSON API. Connect in a matter of minutes and start using our user-permissioned accounts information.
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  • Money Transfers
    Transfers API facilitates payments and protects you from loss. You only need to set origin, destination and amount to launch a new transfer in seconds.
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  • Cards
    Try it now BBVA Cards API offers an easy-to-use RESTful JSON API. Connect in a matter of minutes and start using our user-permissioned cards information.
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  • Connect
    BBVA Connect is the key to bank infrastructure integration. Authorize users in each geography with this credentials which users already know and trust.
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