BBVA API Market present at DES 2017

BBVA API Market present at DES 2017

Do you wish to find out more about the APIs that grow your business? Visit us at DES 2017, the largest international show about digital transformation, between May 23 and 25. Meet us at booth E506 in Hall 3 and attend conferences with our experts. More than 20,000 professionals will meet and share keys and strategies to understand and adapt the business model and the business culture itself to digital transformation. During the three-day event, you can find out all the details about the wide range of APIs offered by BBVA API Market.

The Kanban method:  Why does it work in software programming?

The Kanban method: Why does it work in programming?

The Kanban method was created in the 20th century in Japan to optimize the production of cars, but how is it applied to software development? We explain what it is and its main differences with Scrum, other popular management framework. Contrary to what one might think, the Kanban system devised by Ohno is relatively simple. Its name alone, in Japanese, explains a lot. “Kan” means visible or visual, and "ban", card or board.
The top 5 icon repositories for visual designers

The top 5 icon repositories for visual designers

There are countless online icon repositories available to visual designers. Some of them are free, while others require registration or a flat fee to download sets of images ready to use in web or mobile applications. The success of interfaces often depends on the suitability of the icons and animations employed, as well as the microinteractions that are executed around them.

How to launch a startup and not die along the way

Want to know the key elements of a successful startup? Focus on being the best in one (and only one) product or service; avoid cheap customers; define a philosophy, and defend it; convince customers to work with LEAN; and promote a happy working ecosystem. Here you are some tips may help you make the best decisions in addition to dedicating countless hours of hard work to your enterprise.

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Open Expo

BBVA API Market participates in Open Expo, leading event in the open data ecosystem.

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Dark Data

Dark Data

Dark data is a new, old problem that has been known to analysts and statisticians for years. This refers to all the data and metadata not being gathered, structured and analyzed, and which form a constant waste of potentially valuable information that businesses are letting slip away. Developing our own utilities that perfectly fit what we need can be an excessively intensive task, if we are not able to see what the final value that we will be able to get will be. Fortunately there are multiple APIs to immerse yourself in this mass of data.
BBVA Open4U - Five startups that will make developers and customers of other startups happy

Five startups that will make developers and customers of other startups happy

Financial services applications, facial recognition algorithms to customize commercial offers to match users, online shopping, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality... There are million of startups working daily to launch products to improve people's lives. The end goal is to raise capital and make the user happy.
BBVA Open4u - Design Thinking: introduction to a methodology on the rise

Design Thinking: introduction to a methodology on the rise

A recent trend that extrapolates from the approach taken by designers in any number of fields is breaking down barriers. Design Thinking aims to harness the train of thought used by designers and apply this to general problems. Empathy represents the cornerstone for this extrapolation. So says Adam Royalty, professor at Stanford University, where this particular methodology is taught and developed.
A practical guide to ensuring an outstanding mobile user experience

A practical guide to ensuring an outstanding mobile user experience

The user experience, or UX, is a new term for a requirement that is as old as digital projects themselves: creating the best environment for users to read information. Infinite scroll or pagination, login and registration, navigation bars with icons and guides on the app's landing page are all important aspects to consider when creating the perfect user interface.

Blockchain: what is it and how it works

Blockchain is one of the hottest concepts around right now. But what is it, what is it for and what is its future? If you need answers to these questions, this article will give you some insight into this disruptive technology.  

Practical cases: aggregated data APIs that contribute to social improvement

The advantages of aggregated data APIs can be harnessed for a number of projects, some with a very powerful impact on society in fields such as medicine, climate change and security.

Advantages of using aggregated data APIs in your business

Data is the new oil. Its potential grows exponentially every day, and it has now become an essential factor for growing and driving businesses in different sectors. Aggregated data APIs may be the perfect partner.

BBVA data in the fight against climate change

Big data could be an extraordinary weapon in the fight against climate change. This is being demonstrated by the UN Global Pulse ‘Data for Climate Action’ project, a pioneering private-sector initiative providing data and tools for the fight against climate change, in which BBVA is fully engaged.

Ebook: Big Data in 'fintech' ecosystem

Ebook: Big Data in 'fintech' ecosystem

Learn how financial institutions are betting on the Big Data and Artificial Intelligence through APIs that help banks to define products, segmenting customers and detect possible fraud. Throughout...

Mobile web and monetization

Ebook: Mobile web and monetization

Google's two latest projects refer to the websites of the future and are mostly focused on content loading speed and user experience. These two issues have become an obsession for Google, not only...


Ebook: Predictive APIs, a new level to value data

The value of analytics as a key element in business decision-making is beyond question. Companies have gradually incorporated analytics and the concept of metrics of success into their decision-...

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